Introduction to winetasting

Introduction to winetasting

Reserved for groups of at least 12, maximum 15 persons.

Three evenings in a row from 19:00-22:00 in the cellar at the winery. Raoul Cruchon will introduce you to the subtleties of wine tasting. Techniques, the eye, the nose, mouth. The three elements that make a wine: aromas, structure, texture.

Salty, sweet, acid, bitter

The great diversity of wines

Wine service, decanting, wine and food pairings, etc.

This introduction is kept simple, focused on the essentials to allow you to better understand wine’s complexity.  By showing you some of the principles to respect this introductory course will allow you to make progress in your understanding and appreciation of wine.

Contact us, we’ll fix the dates together and you can create your group.

Price: CHF150 per person

Reservation mandatory :

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Or by phone : 021 801 17 92