Aromas of unusual intensity, bringing to mind rose petals, sweet spices, litchis and pineapples.

Gewuerztraminer is known the world over for its  intensely aromatic side, redolent of rose petals and subtle spices. These vines are cultivated without recourse to any chemical products, without herbicides or synthetic fertilizers. Through our efforts here we are reintroducing the rhythms that plants and the soil need – only a healthy plant and soil that is alive can give wine its own character, truly reflecting the terroir

Accords mets & vins:

Exotic dishes  - Asian cuisine – sauerkraut – fish – foie gras – patés

1-3 ans



The Moon
Vine that receives only natural care and 
cultivated in accordance with the lunar rythmes


Gewürztraminer 75cl
2018   White
Sales price: 22,00 CHF