Presenting the winery

Domaine Henri Cruchon makes wine from 42 hectares of vines.

Domaine Henri Cruchon makes wine from 42 hectares of vines.

The firm’s specialty is cultivating 20 grape varieties on more than 100 vine parcels. This is a true mosaic of small collections of vines spread around a countryside of splendid beauty. The challenge consists of restoring to each the magic that is its own, in different wines. Thus the great diversity of the vineyard is found again, quite logically, in the diversity of this very large range of wines.

Only cultivation that respects the natural environment allows the individuality of each terroir and each grape to come through. We follow two methods at our winery.

We use “conventional” cultivation for 16 hectares, employing a limited amount of chemicals, as permitted by integrated production standards.

We cultivate 26 hectares following biodynamic principles, a system that bans the use of all chemical products.

The vineyards in canton Vaud are among the oldest in Europe. Their very rich history and long tradition continue to play a very strong role in their identity. Chasselas, which originated in Vaud, thus still dominates the grape varieties planted and, for many, it remains the grape par excellence in terms of identity.

The geographic position of Vaud’s vineyards, at the crossroads of European cultures, have a major influence on the grape varieties planted, notably Burgundian grapes and in particular Pinot Noir, which has been planted in the Morges region for more than 600 years. Chasselas and Pinot Noir, which are so well anchored  by their past here, are the only wines that are elevated to Grand Cru status and sold under the names of the terroirs from which they come.

Domaine Henri Cruchon, in order to meet a continually evolving consumer base, has most recently played a pioneering role in diversifying its grape varieties.  Over the past 30 years the winery has introduced a large number of varieties, creating a bouquet of grapes that is unique in canton Vaud.