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Wine producer is the only job left today where we are in charge of the entire production chain!

Wine producer is the only job left today where we are in charge of the entire production chain!

We produce the raw material, transform it, package and sell it. The entire process requires competence in a number of areas.

For grape production and vinification it’s not enough to have knowledge, for the practical know-how, mastery of the steps you need to take and experience play a crucial role in determining the quality of the product. Packaging and selling demand a certain level of knowledge in project management, logistics, marketing, financial management, sales and receiving the public.  

It’s clear that the job of wine producer is better when handled by a team! Each person brings some of the special skills needed to make the whole better than the sum of the parts.



The family

Henri Cruchon, the son of a winemaking family, founded the winery in 1976.

He was quickly joined by two of his sons, Michel and Raoul, all three of them helped by their wives, respectively Denise, Anne and Lise; the family very quickly built its business.

And the next generation is already here. Catherine Cruchon, oenologist and the oldest daughter of Lisa and Raoul, joined the winery in 2010, extending the passion for winemaking and making it a three generations family wine business.



Henri Cruchon                  

Customer reception


Michel Cruchon



Raoul Cruchon



Anne Cruchon



Lisa Cruchon



Catherine Cruchon







Our team

Our winery enjoys training those who will carry on in the future. A number of apprentices and trainees join us regularly to develop the foundations of our fine profession.

Grape production is also seasonal work. While a good deal of the work can be done by machines today, we believe in keeping an artisanal approach, which is in line with our insistence on the production of high quality grapes using methods that respect the plant and its fruit. All of our deleafing and harvest work is thus done manually. In addition, we welcome every summer, for nine weeks, and every autumn, for four weeks, workers who swarm in from all directions. They’ve remained faithful to our winery for several years, allowing us to take advantage of their flexibility and ensuring that we have work that is perfectly done – at the same time, their partnership signifies the human values that we want to promote.


Anibal Fernades

Team leader, vineyard


Agostinho Da Alegria

Vineyard employee

Pierre-Yves Baby

Assistant winemaker



 Marco Lauber




Claude Blanchard

Grapegrower apprentice


Our harvest team