“Oenology is not a creative science – only nature creates!”

Our  philosophy is inspired by this truth. The work of an oenologist consists of doing everything possible to reveal that which nature has to offer us.


“Reveal the wine, and through it, the land!”

Everything is in the grape, strengths as well as weaknesses – harmony, character, minerality, colour, taste. The oenologist’s role is first and foremost to influence the grower in his actions in order to ensure that the best grapes arrive in the cellar.


“To make great wines you need grapes and a heart!”

The oenologist needs sensitivity, empathy, passion and talent. It’s a long path, giving wine its ultimate expression. This is also what makes this such rewarding work!


“Wine must remain the greatest artist among drinks, for its end goal is not simply to please but to move!”


Raoul Cruchon, oenologist